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知恵袋、okwaveで質問した回答したものをコピーして載せるだけのブログ。書いた文章は 自分の財産なので。つまりはこのブログは記録する倉庫の役割り。アクセス数やランキングは付録なので興味はない。物事、この世の深淵、本質、真理とは? 全ては知識と文章能力が解決してくれる 知識を付けて盲点を無くしていけば、。ゴールは現状の外に。 現状の外にゴールを作れば未来の記憶が作られるが、現状の内側にゴールを設定すれば、我々は過去にしばれる、過去 の延長線上を生きることに 過去からの脱するに未来に対してイメージ、臨場感を

1.ジャースティン ビーバーは、なぜ中国で講演禁止になったのだろうか?講演禁止が意味するものとは? (利点欠点限界盲点とは?) 2.ジャースティン ビーバーなどアーティスト達が、 政治的な事柄でアーティスト活動を禁止された場合は 我々はどの様にその権力に立ち向かう、対峙するべきなのだろうか?

1.ジャースティン ビーバーは、なぜ中国で講演禁止になったのだろうか?講演禁止が意味するものとは?


2.ジャースティン ビーバーなどアーティスト達が、








(1. Why did Jarstin Beaver prohibit lectures in China? What does the prohibition mean?

(Advantage Disadvantages Limit What is a blind spot?

2. Artists such as Jarstin Bieber,

If you are prohibited from artistic activities due to political matters

How should we confront that power and face it?)





ジャスティン・ドリュー・ビーバー(Justin Drew Bieber, 1994年3月1日[5][6] - )は、カナダのポップミュージシャン、俳優、シンガーソングライター[1][3]である。身長171cm。体重66kg[7]。


Justin Drew Bieber (/ˈbiːbər/; born March 1, 1994)[2][3] is a Canadian singer and songwriter. After a talent manager discovered him through his YouTube videos covering songs in 2008 and signed to RBMG, Bieber released his debut EP, My World, in late 2009. It was certified Platinum in the U.S.[4] He became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record chart on the Billboard Hot 100.[5] Bieber released his first full-length studio album, My World 2.0, in 2010. It debuted at or near number one in several countries, was certified triple Platinum in the U.S.,[4] and contained his single "Baby".

Following his debut album, he had his first headlining tour, the My World Tour, released the remix albums My Worlds Acoustic and Never Say Never – The Remixes—and the 3D biopic-concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. He released his second studio album, Under the Mistletoe, in November 2011, when it debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. Bieber released his third studio album, Believe, in 2012. His fourth studio album Purpose was released in November 2015, spawning three number one singles: "What Do You Mean?", "Sorry", and "Love Yourself". Following the release of Purpose, Bieber was featured on several successful collaborations, including "Cold Water", "Let Me Love You", the remix of "Despacito" and "I'm the One". His U.S. album and singles sales total 44.7 million.[4][6] He has sold an estimated 100 million records, making him one of the world’s best-selling music artists.[7][8]

Bieber has won numerous awards, including the American Music Award for Artist of the Year in 2010 and 2012. In his career, he has won one Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording for the song "Where Are Ü Now" at the 2016 ceremony. He has been listed four times by Forbes magazine among the top ten most powerful celebrities in the world in 2011, 2012, and 2013.[9] Bieber also became the first artist to surpass 10 billion total video views on Vevo.[10]